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Awarding Ceremonies - February 22, 2024
(Online Event)

The Inaugural SIENNA- DAISY Honoree


1. Abdulkarim Agga - Qatar Care, Qatar
2. Yvette Yko Alonzo - Ochsner Medical Cente, Jefferson, Louisiana, USA
3. Kim Apurado - Kaiser Permanente Redwood City, California, USA
4. Abraham Asto - Reliant Care Management Company Inc., St. Lois, Missouri, USA
5. Nimfa Jeraldine Buizon - Al Zahra Hospital Dubai, UAE
6. Dave Calubaquib - Houston Methodist the Woodlands, Shenandoah, Texas, USA
7. Floro Cubelo - Oulu University of Applied Sciences - Oulu, Finland (SIENNA DAISY Honoree)

8. Marvin Delfin - Stanford Healthcare, California, USA
9. Karen Rose Y. Kirit - Dartmouth Hitchcock Medical Center, New Hampshire, USA
10. Rodolfo D. Lastimosa Jr. - Humber River Hospital, Canada (Finalist)

11. Ndasi Noubissi Maxel - HIBMAT university, Cameroon
12. Johnson Ogundare - Sanford Medical center, Fargo, North Dakota, USA
13. Ace Pasco - St. Andrew's- Brooking Park, St. Lois, Missouri, USA
14. Archana Paul - York University, Toronto, Canada
15. Denise Angelo M. Prudencio - University of California-Davis Health, USA (Finalist)
16. Billy Joe G. Mercurio - Twareat Medical Care Company, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia
17. Reina Mae Zabala -Heart Hospital - Hamad Medical Corporation, Doha, Qatar

The DAISY Award® 
 for Internationally Educated Nurses Globally 

Nominating for a DAISY Award provides a platform to honor the extraordinary compassion and care demonstrated by nurses. This initiative, born from a desire to recognize their impactful contributions, invites heartfelt stories of dedication that go beyond clinical expertise. By acknowledging these exceptional acts, we celebrate the profound difference nurses make in the lives of patients and their families.

Selection Criteria

  • An IEN who provides support and guidance to newly arrived IENs in their country of destination to ensure successful assimilation and adjustment to their new environment and workplace.

  • An IEN who serves as a mentor and coach to IENs and fellow nurses to achieve the goals they set for themselves

  • An IEN who serves as advocate and voice for the welfare of internationally educated nurses with tactfulness, respect, and awareness of proper channels to resolve issues

  • An IEN who role models compassion and exceptional nursing practice

  • An IEN who role models exemplary behavior for other nurses and colleagues

  • An IEN who builds an environment that fosters compassionate care for patients and families

  • An IEN who creates an environment of trust, mutual respect, professional development and ethical behavior for nurses and other members of healthcare team

  • An IEN who motivates peers with a shared vision and enthusiasm to achieve better outcomes for themselves and for their patients

  • An IEN who promotes and enhances the image of nursing not only for the organization but the image of being a world-class nurse practicing the profession in global stage.

The DAISY Nurse Honoree will be given:  ​

  • a special DAISY Award® certificate in a DAISY Foundation portfolio

  • a specially designed DAISY recognition pin

  • a unique sculpture from DAISY Foundation

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