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Committee Volunteer Leadership

The Society of Internationally Educated Nurses in North America (SIENNA) Volunteer Committees play a crucial role in developing leadership skills, project management, and teamwork among its members. These committees offer opportunities to lead initiatives, manage projects, and collaborate with diverse teams, fostering a rich environment for personal and professional growth. Through hands-on experiences, volunteers enhance their strategic thinking, organizational abilities, and communication skills. Participation in these committees also builds a sense of community and shared purpose, empowering members to drive positive change in the nursing profession while honing essential skills for their careers.


SIENNA Leadership Committees

Commitment and Responsibilities

  • Term Dates: Two Year term from date of appointment

  • Chair is focused on leading the assigned Committee through virtual and in-person meetings to achieve the assigned outcomes and strategic plan. For the Chair, dedicate an average of 2-3 hours per week.

  • Co-Chair is focused on shadowing and assisting the existing Chair in leading the Committee and preparing to become the successor as Chair. For the Co-Chair, dedicate an average of 1-2 hours per week.

  • Committee Members collaborate to plan, organize, and execute initiatives, fostering leadership, professional growth, and community within SIENNA. For Committee Members, dedicate an average of 1 hour per week.

Benefits and Appreciation

  • The Committee Chairs and Co-Chairs recieve 100% complimentary registration for the SIENNA Annual Conference. Past Chairs receive a discount on conference registration in appreciation of their service,

  • Committee Leaders are invited to an invitation-only appreciation reception at eth SIENNA Annual Conference.

  • Committee Leaders are given a Certificate of Appreciation at the end of their term in recognition of their leadership and service.

Running for SIENNA Office

  • Committee Leadership Committees who successfuly and actively served for at least 1 year in the Committee as Chair/Co-Chair/Member will be eligible to run for SIENNA Board of Director.

  • Committee Leadership Committees who successfuly and actively served for at least 2 years in the Committee as Chair will be eligible to run for SIENNA Executive Officer.

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