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Board of Directors
Application is now Closed 

Announcement for the creation of the Inaugural Board of Directors of the Global Nursing Accreditation and Certification Council (GNACC)

The purpose of the Global Nursing Accreditation and Certification Council (GNACC) Board of Directors is to provide strategic leadership, governance, and expertise in guiding the organization toward its mission of setting and upholding the highest standards in international nursing recruitment. Comprised of seasoned professionals from diverse backgrounds, the Board ensures comprehensive oversight, legal compliance, and ethical governance, driving the development and continuous improvement of accreditation standards. By leveraging their collective knowledge, the Board plays a pivotal role in fostering global collaboration, recognizing industry trends, and ensuring the integrity and effectiveness of GNACC's accreditation processes.

1. President of the Board:

Role: Provides overall leadership and direction to the Board of Directors. Leads board meetings, sets the agenda, ensures effective communication among board members, represents GNACC in external matters, and collaborates with the executive team to achieve organizational goals.

2. Vice-President of the Board:

Role: To support the Chairperson and assume leadership responsibilities in their absence. Assisting with strategic planning, leading meetings when the Chair is unavailable, and actively participating in decision-making processes. Additionally, the Vice-Chair may contribute to special projects, represent the organization at events, and serve as a liaison between board members and executive leadership.

3. Secretary

Role: Manage and document the board's official records and proceedings, ensuring accurate and transparent record-keeping. Manages official communications, maintains organizational records, and plays a vital role in legal compliance, thereby supporting the board in upholding the highest standards of governance, communication, and administrative efficiency.

4. Treasurer:

Role: Oversee the organization's financial health by developing and managing budgets, providing regular financial reports, and ensuring compliance with fiscal regulations. Contributes to risk management by identifying and mitigating financial risks, safeguarding the organization's financial integrity.

5. Six (6) Board Members with expertise in: 1. International Nursing Mobility, 2. Diversity, Inclusion, and Equity, 3. International Nurse Recruitment, 4. Accreditation Standards, 5. Nursing Regulation, 6. Healthcare administration

Role: Provide strategic direction and governance, actively participating in decision-making processes, and ensuring the organization operates in alignment with its mission and values. Board members contribute expertise and insight to guide the organization's policies, financial planning, and overall operations. They play a vital role in representing the organization to external stakeholders and fostering positive relationships.


Deadline of Application: January 31, 2024, 11:00pm (EST)


Exclusion: To maintain objectivity, impartiality, and prevent potential conflicts of interest, individuals currently employed by or affiliated with any international nurse recruitment agency are ineligible to be considered for the inaugural board positions of the Global Nursing Accreditation and Certification Council (GNACC). This exclusion aims to ensure the independence and unbiased decision-making of the board members, fostering an environment of transparency and accountability in the accreditation process.

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