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Launching of the
(a subsidiary and independent accreditation arm of SIENNA)

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Welcome to the launching of the  independent accreditation and certification arm of SIENNA, the Global Nursing Accreditation and Certification Council or GNACC.​ This accreditation body aims to address the increasing demand for standardized and ethical nursing recruitment practices on an international scale. The establishment of GNACC is imperative in response to the escalating demand for international nursing talent and the growing complexity of healthcare workforce dynamics. As healthcare systems worldwide face a shortage of skilled nursing professionals, recruitment agencies play a pivotal role in facilitating the international movement of these essential healthcare workers. However, the lack of standardized practices and varying ethical standards among recruitment agencies pose risks to both healthcare providers and the recruited nurses.


GNACC addresses this critical need by providing a uniform set of accreditation standards, ensuring that agencies adhere to ethical recruitment practices, verify the competence of healthcare professionals, and comply with international regulations. By establishing a global accreditation body, GNACC aims to enhance the credibility and reliability of nursing recruitment agencies, ultimately contributing to the delivery of high-quality healthcare services worldwide. 



1. To establish a globally recognized accreditation body for nursing recruitment agencies.

2. To ensure and promote ethical and professional standards in nursing recruitment practices.

3. To enhance the quality and reliability of international nursing workforce deployment.



GNACC will operate on an international level, collaborating with nursing recruitment agencies, healthcare institutions, and regulatory bodies globally. The accreditation process focuses on evaluating agencies based on ethical standards, competency assessments, and compliance with international regulations.​The establishment of the GNACC is a crucial step in ensuring the highest standards of professionalism, ethics, and competency in the international nursing recruitment industry. By providing a universally recognized accreditation system, GNACC ensures the integrity of the recruitment process by making recruitment agencies transparent in their practices, thereby safeguarding the well-being of healthcare professionals, and ultimately enhances the quality of patient care on a global scale.  The impact of GNACC extends beyond borders, forging a path towards a more ethical, proficient, and interconnected global healthcare workforce

Ethical Standards.


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